You deserve to be seen!

Let’s bridge the gap between who you are and how the world sees you.

I am Wendy and I create POWERFUL portraits for ENTREPRENEURS who show their expert status. I help you to remove labels, so that you can be who you are from your own strength. I believe that we are all unique and by embracing that uniqueness you distinguish yourself from all competitors.

You are the face of your company and the reason why customers want to do business with you. With this platform I hope to inspire you to show more of yourself and discover your own strength.



Discover how you create an unique brand that is so you and how you can connect with your dream clients.



FOR your business

You need tailor-made photos that exactly match the aesthetics of your brand. Soft, natural light and feminine styling combined with a lifestyle approach that results in both sincere and perspective images. This is possible in the studio, on location in the Netherlands or abroad. Do you want to know exactly how we do that? Then click on the button below for more information.

p e r s o n a l  b r a n d i n g


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